Facade Systems
Concealed Fastener Rainscreen System
System Depth = 1 1/4” + Universe Adjustable framing
Joint Width = 3/8”
System Components:
1.    Trespa® Meteon® Panel
2.    Universe Aluminum Rail – Black Color
3.    Fixed Bracket (Shop Attached)
4.    Adjustable Bracket (Shop Attached)
5.    Adjustable Angle Bracket
6.    Adjustable Angle Fastener
7.    Universe Adjustable Angle Extrusion
8.    Adjustable Angle Extrusion Fastener
9.    Thermal Isolator #1
10.    Thermal Isolator #2
11.    Mineral Wool Insulation
12.    Air & Moisture Barrier
13.    CMU
•    Insulation (11) must be mineral wool. Foam plastic insulation triggers NFPA-285 fire code which requires a tested assembly.  The only other option is to acquire an AHJ approval. Receiving an AHJ approval is not guaranteed. Its depth must be 1/2” less than the adjustable framing (5) (7).
•    Air & Moisture barrier (12) must be VaproShield® WallShield®, WrapShield®, RevealShield™, Cosella-Dorken Delta® Fassade-S, Delta® Foxx, Delta® Foxx-S, Tyvek® CommercialWrap®, Dow Corning DefendAir 200 or Momentive™ SEC2500-SilShield AWB if mineral wool is less than 2” thick; if mineral wool is thicker than 2” then other barriers may be used.
•    Available with 10mm and 13mm Trespa Meteon (1) panel thickness only.
•    The adjustable framing (5) (7) is not painted.
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