Since 1978, Universe has successfully engineered and fabricated hundreds of metal composite projects. Our proven 2000R system is the culmination of our efforts beginning in 1978.

forces perfect joints
5/8" - 3/4"

No contact between extrusion and panel

Lightweight, non-stacking system

Tight joints with adjacent materials-straight on install

Install panels in any order or direction

  Tight joints with adjacent materials. 

Straight-on installation, panel snaps straight into the grid. 


Works with any metal including copper and zinc

No connection between extrusion and panel, eliminating all contact corrosion. The 2000R system can be used with aluminum, copper, zinc and any other metal composite.


Ideal for scaffolded urban projects. 

The panels are non-stacking and can be installed in any random order. Replacement is easy and can be done by cutting out the snap cover.


Engineered for perfect fit 

Combining rigorous site measurements and engineering,  the Universe team makes sure every module fits on the real building like a glove.