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At Universe Corporation, we have dedicated ourselves to being the technology leader in our industry.  To achieve this goal, we have thought deeply about the entire process of creating a facade: from initial design idea to installing the final panel. 

Universe Design

We have created a cloud-based platform, Universe Design, to support the labor-intensive facade design and modeling process. Powered by the same software our facade specialists use, Universe Design, helps designers choose the optimal Universe facade solution while minimizing material waste and cost. 

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Pattern Creation

Automatic Budget Pricing and Optimizations


Laser ScanField Scan 01

We have invested in the highest quality precision laser scanning equipment and offer this service with almost every project we bid on.  For more complex projects, we may include the service in our price.  Scanning your building before fabricating panels allows us to be incredibly precise and eliminate time-consuming replacement panels caused by inaccurate field dimensions.  It also allows us to know where serious problems with the building exist before finding problems the hard way.


After receiving field dimensions, we model most of our projects in 3D using software that we've customized extensively for our industry.  We have an in-house development team working exclusively to improve our software, fabrication process speed and efficiency. 


Additionally, we've spent years perfecting our custom Intelliclad® panel software.  Intelliclad® automates many of the repetitive drafting processes when creating shop and production drawings.  This allows us to submit shop drawings faster as well as fabricate and deliver panels more efficiently after shop drawings have been approved. 

CNC Fabrication

Finally, at Universe Corporation, we've invested in the finest CNC technology available.  Our extra-large tables allow us to keep cutting as finished panels are being removed from the table as well as fully utilize the over-sized sheet material that some of our vendors offer.