About Us
At Universe Corporation we want to provide great service that begins as early as the bidding process.
Our dedicated sales and estimating team will work with you to accomplish your design vision, as well as work to keep your project within budget.
Our initiative to go 100% paperless provided a few unexpected benefits for our customers. Every bid that we send out comes with a complete part-marked, hot-linked and highlighted set of drawings so customers know exactly what we've included in our scope.  
In an effort to maintain transparency, we strive to provide the most complete and descriptive quotation in the industry.  In addition to the products we are supplying, we will provide a diagram of the system we're proposing with detailed information describing that system and any issues we see with the plans or specifications.  We may not always provide the lowest price, but if we don't, you'll know the reasons why. 

Our experienced Project Management staff will work with our installation customers and other project personnel every step of the way to ensure that the execution of your project transpires smoothly and successfully.
Universe Corporation also provides the most comprehensive and detailed shop drawings in our industry.  We know that questioning how something should fit together on site can lead to problems and unnecessary delays so we do everything we can to prevent that from the beginning. 
We recognize that the closer we are to your project, the better service we can provide, so we're expanding to meet your needs.  We've recently added fabrication facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada to better serve our east and west coast customers.  See Our Facilities.